They can talk the talk... But can they speak plain English?

Time to stand up for straightforward!

Resellers, in a world where confusion is commonplace, we've simply looked at what everyone else was doing and then found a way to do it better.
Better for you, better for your customers, a better way to connect.

Our Resellers approach
  • We won't sell direct
  • Direct leads are always handed over to our Reseller partners
  • We offer short contracts - 90 days, then rolling 30 days
  • We won't compete with you
  • We only work with selected high quality Reseller partners
  • We are focused on growing your revenue
What's in your Reseller's package?
  • Better, tiered margins - up to 50%
  • Demo's
  • Marketing materials
  • Case studies
  • Full and ongoing product and selling training
  • Videos
  • Sales meeting support
  • On boarding meeting with your sales team
We are...
  • Tier 2 Carrier
  • Our own network - 99.999% uptime - more stable, more reliable, more resilient
  • Easier to do business with - we're simple, transparent, quick
  • Our new product development is the life blood for your ongoing success
  • Superior in-house technical support. We can do what others can't
  • Committed to better commercials for Resellers