24 Seven, the communications provider behind the UK’s first national roaming SIM, Jump®, has become one of the first telecoms providers to offer a comprehensive M2M solution. The Leeds-based business has partnered with the country’s major networks, in addition to its own national roaming solution, to offer unrivalled connectivity for the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) market.

The business has worked hard to secure contracts with the UK’s best connected mobile networks, which will allow direct business customers and resale partners to ensure the best connectivity in the market. In addition, 24 Seven has pioneered national roaming as an M2M service, which allows businesses a more versatile option, particularly for devices that are on the move, and can dip in and out of coverage.

David Samuel, Managing Director of 24 Seven said: “M2M isn’t a new technology, but it’s now being seen as vital. Whereas once it was the preserve of high-value tracking services, we’re entering a new age of connectivity, whereby everybody can benefit from improved connectivity. Having developed our own multi-network solution and secured contracts with all of the major networks, we know whatever the need we can provide the right solution.

“These services are becoming business-critical, and we’re ensuring that businesses remain connected by providing bespoke, resilient communications with a commercial offering to match.”

The M2M market has seen rapid expansion in recent years, and this trend looks set to explode, with government plans to free up network spectrum to allow solely M2M and IoT use.

Building on significant successes in fast-growing markets, the raft of products and services will provide essential support in fields that are crying out for innovation. 24 Seven’s comprehensive M2M solutions seek to promote better business in sectors as diverse as emergency services, security and biometrics to taxis, foodservice and logistics. The business’s unique approach allows it to help partners enter the M2M space with confidence.

As a technology, M2M is increasingly available to businesses who may previously have considered it a luxury. With the diverse benefits M2M solutions helping end-users to become more efficient in all aspects of business, the technology is here to stay.