Digital Faxing

With our digital faxing service, you can send and receive faxes instantly over the internet. All you need is one of our digital fax numbers to grant you access to this hassle free service.


For your digital faxing

Our highly convenient digital faxing service brings faxes up to date, using the technology you already have at your fingertips. Send and receive faxes instantly over the internet. Choosing digital faxing reduces maintenance costs, increases security and means less wasted paper which means it’s good for the environment too.

No credits or prepay required with us, we use pence per minute pricing which is much more efficient for your clients, rather than per page pricing.No extra software or hardware either.

Perfect for:

  • Companies in regulated sectors
  • Those needing extra confidentiality around sending and receiving faxes. E.g. solicitors, hotels
  • 1.Save Money

  • 2.Improve Efficiency

  • 3.Increase Productivity

  • 4.Better Customer Experience

How it works

In 3 easy steps

  • 1

    Fax Number

    Open a new email message. Type the fax number you are sending too followed by Eg.

  • 2

    Attach fax

    Attach your fax document and type a message. Press send.

  • 3


    Your recipient receives exactly as they would a normal fax, through their fax machine

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