Amidst the current climate of growing reliance on mobile data and technology, a recent survey by telecommunications firm Vasona Networks has shown that when it comes to mobile internet performance, user expectations are on the rise. Conducted in late December 2015, the research shows that mobile broadband users increasingly expect consistent mobile data performance as a given requirement from their service provider, and are more likely to blame their operator when internet-reliant services on their smartphone fail to work. With 67% of mobile internet users expecting flawless data coverage all the time, it’s more important than ever for network operators to provide a top-quality mobile data experience.

24 Seven Communications recognises the growing national dependence on fault-free internet connectivity. The company’s national roaming SIM, Jump®, allows users to switch between mobile networks when signal drops, providing better coverage and a solution to the emotive problem of patchy connectivity. The business is constantly working to improve the mobile data offering of Jump, and with 4G in the pipeline, it is setting itself apart as a game-changer in this new playing field of mobile connectivity.

As a telecoms provider aimed primarily at a business audience, 24 Seven understands how these consumer trends are reflected within its target market. For businesses across the country, remaining connected is crucial to success and productivity. With 26% of smartphone owners increasing their data plans in the past year, and 23% selecting their carrier based purely on the quality of the mobile data experience, businesses are sure to be making similar choices in this increasingly connected world.

Nowadays, data is no longer a privilege, but a right and 24 Seven’s services are always expanding, improving and responding to the needs of its customer base. The company mission to demystify telecoms is reflected in the way it responds to the needs of customers: providing both technical solutions and customer service with directness, consistency and speed, every step of the way.