Jump, 24 Seven’s innovative national roaming SIM, has received a ringing endorsement from the high-profile market intelligence and analysis site, CCS Insight. Network operator specialist Kester Mann is an informed commentator on the industry, and his positive comments on Jump’s service published on the site gives expert analysis based on his experience using the SIM.

Having tried it out whilst on holiday in a part of Wales notorious for its patchy mobile signal, Kester sang the Jump SIM’s praises, highlighting its ability to give confidence in mobile reception quality. 24 Seven’s solution provides an answer to the highly topical problem of poor mobile coverage. The blog affirms Jump’s ability to switch between three of the main networks, whilst dismissing fears brought up during last year’s government consultation, such as impact on phone battery.

On using Jump, Kester said: [The] SIM would sometimes switch to one of the other providers in more remote locations, like during visits to secluded beaches or tiny hamlets. I quickly became confident that I was able to receive the best possible coverage for calling and texting wherever I was.

24 Seven provides services to a diverse business audience, and Jump is of particular interest to those working in industries that rely on mobile signal, such as healthcare, lone workers or employees who travel regularly. CCS Insight’s piece also draws attention to the Jump SIM’s benefits for users in the city: not merely for those in rural areas, its advantages are extensive and far-reaching. Furthermore, in the rare cases of network outages, customers can also rest assured that their reception will stay strong by transferring to an alternative service provider. The blog underlines 24 Seven’s place as a game-changer in the telecoms sector.

To read Kester’s full experience and thoughts on using Jump, visit the CCS Insight website.