Jump, the national roaming SIM from 24 Seven, has been featured on Channel 5’s iconic The Gadget Show. A first for the UK telecoms sector, Jump® offers a solution whereby a phone can roam onto other networks when signal drops, seeking out mobile signal and greatly improving the chances of coverage. Jump gives customers confidence that they will be able to receive the best possible coverage for calls, text and data, wherever they are.

Aimed primarily at businesses, the Jump SIM card is available now, meeting the growing need for improved mobile signal throughout the UK. With the average British mobile user unable to get mobile coverage 15% of the time, the demand for a solution has never been more urgent, and patchy mobile signal is becoming an increasingly emotive issue. As was recently discussed in parliament, poor mobile connectivity is affecting working lives and social communities in many UK locations.

The slot on Channel 5 emphasised how low signal is not just problematic in rural areas, but can be dependant on a number of factors. This causes problems for coverage-critical industries like medical services and lone workers who rely on being connected wherever they work, and 24 Seven’s solution aims to address these challenges.

The Gadget Show’s primetime coverage of the issue demonstrates the level of interest in mobile phone signal and Jump was featured as a pioneering roaming solution to help improve coverage. Over the past 12 months, 24 Seven has campaigned for better mobile coverage, and aims to combat the problem of inconsistent signal across the country, a theme picked up by the show’s presenter.

David Samuel, Managing Director of 24 Seven said: “We were approached by The Gadget Show after they recognised 24 Seven as the home of national roaming. We’re delighted that Jump has gained recognition on primetime television, and look forward to taking it to new heights by continuing to offer a high-quality service to mobile users across the UK. Mobile coverage is an ongoing problem: not only is it critical for both businesses and individuals, but for the ongoing prosperity of the country as a whole. Here at 24 Seven, we have worked hard to develop the answer.”

24 Seven will continue to use its expertise to ensure better connectivity irrespective of UK location. Appearing on national television is the latest endorsement of what 24 Seven and Jump have to offer – the key to better service for all customers is here.

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