For professionals, a big part of the job is travelling and increasingly, this means getting work done on the go. In order to do this, we need technology which supports modern demands. Mobile devices have revolutionised the way we work, yet we still face a huge barrier to our productivity while on the move, namely being able to find a reliable signal and connectivity.

A recent survey by YouGov showed that 52% of rail commuters are prevented from working during their commute because of poor mobile reception, and 24% said that coverage on their commute was poor. These figures highlight the severity of this problem, and because the issue is so widespread, finding a solution is vital.

Poor coverage on our mobile networks hasn’t gone unnoticed by the higher powers. Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan pledged that by the end of 2019, the roll out of 4G to London’s underground tube tunnels will have begun. This move comes in an attempt to solve ‘not-spots’ which still remain in the capital. Within two years, passengers have been promised better access to mobile networks, allowing them to make calls, send texts and access the internet during their journey.

While it’s encouraging to see that some senior figures in London are finally realising the need for action towards more widespread signal and connectivity, it poses the question of why this isn’t happening elsewhere around the country?

Solving underground ‘not-spots’ is welcome progress, but there are also above ground train links, and key stretches of roads across the UK which have no, or limited connectivity. 2016 Ofgem figures stated that 20% of A and B roads still had no 4G coverage. These issues aren’t exclusive to London, they need to be tackled nationwide.

Today, connectivity is business critical, and losing connection could, for some, be the difference between securing an important deal, and losing one. Professionals cannot afford to be disconnected for extended periods. Productivity is so important for business, which is why it is so crucial for connectivity to be improved.