Everyone loves a freebie, right? Whether that’s a Buy One Get One Free offer at the supermarket, a complimentary upgrade at the airport or an extra month on your new TV and broadband package.

Companies in industries across-the-board dish out free products and services not because they’re impossibly generous, altruistic and don’t care about making money (as if!), but because it makes good business sense. Customers value the gift and are more likely to shop there again, recommend the brand to others and remember that generosity when there’s an issue.

This brand loyalty and repeat business, word-of-mouth marketing and good feeling can also be applied to business telephone numbers. 0800 numbers are free to call from landlines and mobile phones in the UK. Customers appreciate not having to pay to call a business, especially if it’s likely they’ll be on the phone for a while, for example if they’re calling customer service with a complex product glitch.

So why not give your customers free phone calls today and get an 0800 numberStill need convincing? Read on to find out what 0800 numbers cost (much cheaper than you’d expect) and the many benefits to your business.

Why buy 0800 numbers?

0800 numbers cost

Here are six benefits of investing in a freephone number:

1. I feel happy, oh so happy

As mentioned above, free calls for your customers creates goodwill and customer satisfaction.

Your customer service team does an incredible job dealing with the occasional Angry Customer. Which is why there’s no need to provoke a volcanic-eruption style social media rant and brand-damaging public complaints when the aforementioned Angry Customer discovers they were charged a fortune to call you.

Happy customers are loyal customers and providing a freephone number is a sure-fire way to make their day.

2. “Got your number!”

Do you remember the number 118 118?

This phone number was for a directory enquiries phone service. Back in 2003, that number lodged itself permanently in an entire population’s memory. It was combined with a powerfully memorable marketing campaign that used the slogan “Got your number!” The advertising also featured two moustachioed joggers in matching outfits emblazoned with 118 and dressing up like them for fancy dress parties became a ‘thing’ for a while.

A memorable phone number combined with a catchy marketing campaign can add rocket fuel to your brand’s awareness. Could your new 0800 number be the next 118 118?

3. A freephone number can seriously boost sales

Imagine this: a potential new customer has done their research and found two service providers that are perfect – you and your competitor. The prospect can’t find that one piece of information he needs on the websites, and he has a tricky question that leads on to other questions that he can’t convey in an email. So, he needs to make a phone call. He sees your competitor has a freephone number and you don’t.

Who’s he going to call? Clue: it’s not Ghostbusters, and it’s unlikely going to be you. You’ve just missed out on a sale.

Prospective customers are more likely to call you if they know that they won’t be charged for the conversation. It’s been estimated that a freephone number can spark a gigantic 185% increase in inbound calls.

4. Trust me, I’m an 0800 number

Freephone numbers have been around since 1985 and are well-known and trusted by consumers. An 0800 number will immediately give your business more credibility and customers will feel reassured when calling you.

0800 numbers are used by all kinds of businesses, from health clinics to major retailers, and there are absolutely no signs of them going away any time soon.

5. Compete with the big boys

Many consumers immediately assume that a business with a freephone number is a larger, well-established enterprise. It implies a nationwide operation and a level of authority within your marketplace.

On top of that, if your competitors don’t provide a freephone number, then prospects are more likely to come to you first.

6. One number to rule them all, and in the workplace find them

You’ll be ‘lord of the rings’ with cheap 0800 numbers. Every time a customer dials your 0800 number the call can be quickly routed to various devices including your landline and mobile phone so you can pick it up on the move, or have it directed to an alternative handset if you’re out for the day.

You can also get an 0800 number to route to different departments, employees and locations or buy 0800 numbers for different business purposes, for example one for customer service, one for sales and one for Frodo in Hobbiton (or maybe not…

How do I get an 0800 number?

It’s very straightforward to set up an 0800 number:

  • Pick your provider – there are numerous telecoms providers in the UK selling cheap 0800 numbers
  • Decide on your digits – you can choose the perfect sequence of numbers after the prefix 0800 for your business
  • Nominate your existing number – the freephone number routes calls to an existing landline that can be anywhere in the country, to a mobile phone or even to a number in another part of the world (for example if you’re operating call centres outside of the UK)
  • Who can I buy cheap 0800 numbers from?

There’s an estimated 18,720 telecoms firms in the UK. Which one do you choose? 24 Seven, our sister company has been selling cheap 0800 numbers since 2002.

Our customers range from one-person operations to companies with 100+ staff. Each customer, no matter the size, benefits from:

  • Secure 24/7 network – there’s only a handful of providers in the UK that have their own network and we’re one of them
  • Real-time call data – each customer benefits from our easy-to-use online dashboard to manage call performance and keep track of business telephone numbers in one place
  • Innovative approach – as well as our off-the-shelf packages, we offer bespoke telephony solutions using the latest technology and the best brains in the business
  • Established partnerships – we’ve spent the last 16 years building a strong network of partners and resellers
  • Affordable products and services – we pride ourselves on offering solutions for every budget

Learn more about us here or check out our glowing customer reviews on Trustpilot here.

What do 0800 numbers cost?

A basic Bronze freephone number from 24 Seven Cloud costs £2 per month, probably less than you spend at the coffee shop each morning.

However, if you’re looking for a more unique, rare or even a bespoke number for your business, then 24 Seven Cloud offers the following line rental options:

  • Silver £5 per month
  • Gold £10 per month
  • Platinum £50 per month

If you have a memorable phone number in mind, then go Platinum. You’ll be able to pick a phone number using digits relevant to your business, easy to remember number sequences, like 123, or double or triple numbers. As an example, our phone number is 0800 0247 365 (24 Seven Cloud 365 days a year- get it?)

We have thousands of numbers available, so get in touch to check. You could spell out the name of your business using standard keypad numbers, so 0800 AWESOME would be 0800 2937663.

Once you’ve picked your line rental option then select your ‘bundle’ of freephone minutes. You can pick from four bundle options depending on the number of calls you are expecting to receive. Any additional minutes will be charged at a set rate, starting at 3p per minute.

When I get an 0800 number can I add any extra features?

When you buy 0800 numbers, you’ll have the option to add useful and valuable business telephone functions depending on your requirements. These extra features are included in affordable packages, the most expensive of which will cost you an additional £15 per month. However, this Premium package is free with the Platinum line rental option.

At 24 Seven Cloud, we offer the following extras:

  • Welcome message
  • Personalised voicemail greeting
  • Call statistics
  • Voicemail sent to email
  • Call whisper (this is a nifty tool that tells you who is calling before you pick up)
  • Multiple diverts
  • Time of day routing
  • Custom connection message
  • Keypad options
  • Inclusive minutes

Use our quick calculator to create your custom package and work out the monthly fee.

Can I transfer an existing 0800 number to 24 Seven Cloud?

Whether you’ve had the same number since the eighties or only purchased it recently, you can transfer an existing 0800 number to your 24 Seven Cloud account as we have porting agreements with all other carriers and service providers.

You might have other phone numbers with us or want to take advantage of the additional features we offer, either way, it’s easy to move your freephone number over to us.

0800 numbers: cost effective and good for business

Now you know that 0800 numbers cost little more than your daily coffee-shop habit and come with way more benefits than cinnamon and chocolate sprinkles on that cappuccino, you’ll be keen to know more.

Speak to one of our expert team for as long as you like (because it’s free!) on 0800 0247 365 or email us at info@24sevencloud.co.uk.