Over the years, 24 Seven has garnered a reputation for innovation and technologically astute solutions to some of the big questions facing business. However, telecoms is changing as business demands constantly evolve. Is our industry up to the challenge?

It’s fair to say that our industry, ironically in the field of communications, hasn’t always communicated effectively with its customers and the wider business community. We’ve been dragged down by the constant use of jargon and the complexity of price plans and associated packages. There has to be a different way.

This year, 24 Seven has embarked on a mission to demystify telecoms and promise excellence through an honest, understandable service. We recognise that telecoms is vital to better business and it’s our mission to support businesses with their needs today and in the future.

Telecoms is important to every business and should therefore be given the respect it deserves. Some providers have relied on the fact that it can often be seen as technologically challenging, as a veil to implementing complex services and price plans.

SMEs are a case in point. Small businesses and their managers have hundreds of considerations and often can’t afford to delegate responsibilities for telecoms, as a large business undoubtedly would. That’s why it’s even more vital that we communicate in a language people will understand, one of the key pillars of our service. Just one of the ways we’re enabling better business.

Computerised telecoms systems have become exponentially more reliable in recent years, and can tie up several disparate communications channels into one manageable system. If you think about it, every other part of a business is to a greater extent reliant on up-to-date IT – why should telecoms be any different?

Older ‘private branch exchange’ or PBX systems are dying out, to be replaced by technologically savvy solutions. But change is slow and it is because businesses feel they are entering uncharted waters.  The legacy left behind by out-dated systems shouldn’t be a barrier to change. Change can be good and in this case, it could be the difference your business needs to gain that vital advantage.

Technology has become the enabler for change and businesses are increasingly waking up to the advantages that telecoms can provide in order  to improve their service offering. Remote working, video conferencing and voice-over-internet calls are all becoming commonplace in today’s business environment. Staying ahead of the game is vital if businesses are to compete on a level footing, and giving your team the right tools to do this is crucial.

Most businesses recognise the importance of telecoms to their business, and not just when systems fail. The point is: telecoms can add value to your business now. It can affect the route to sales, suppliers and usually be hugely impactful to the service a company offers. Businesses get that, but the complexity of what’s on offer can be a barrier to change.

As a network and service provider, we believe that customer service comes first. We believe that businesses should work with a provider that values you as a customer as much as you value their expertise. The reassurance that a personal service can offer, will outstrip the benefits promised by big name businesses. Fast, responsive and accurate service is worth its weight in gold and we’re up to the challenge.