For many of us we are in week 2, or is it 3 of working at home. The insane, freaking out, stressful mayhem of the first week is behind us. The dust has settled and work has continued once more – albeit from your kitchen table surrounded by kids and pets!

As we are all adapting to this new way of working, it is important for your team to stay connected. Whether we like it or not, some of us spend more time with our colleagues on a day-to-day basis than our own family! Businesses do not want to lose this special bond, connection and team work alliances.

So, as many of us are working at home how can we stay connected, stay engaged, check each other are OK and that no one is feeling too ‘isolated’ – with these fun, uplifting ideas…

  1. Meet Partners, kids, even pets

working at home

We’ve all heard the stories of colleague’s family members but rarely do we meet them in business life. This is the perfect opportunity. On your next team video meeting get introducing. Each family could do something different to introduce themselves, or reveal funny embarrassing stories about the colleague!

  1. Online Lunch n’ Learn

lunch n learn

There will be talents within your teams – that you may never have made the time to share before. A graphic designer could share some easy tips on how to do a great social media post, using an easy and free app. A salesperson could do some product demo’s, or your Customer Service team can show you round their CRM. They also don’t have to be work focused! Could be a cooking slot, musical instrument session, a magic show. The idea is that you set a time to sit back and have your lunch while a colleague presents their talents…lunch n’learn!

  1. Worst T-shirt Day

stay connected

This idea can go on and on. Different themes, fancy dress, the options are endless. Can be done through video conferencing or enter by emailing in a picture of yourself. These can then be collated onto one document and each colleague scores. There does have to be a prize for the winner though!

  1. Team Exercise

video yoga

Think Joe Wicks PE – but with your Director! Have a weekly exercise session, while working at home led by different team members. Some might want to do a Hiit workout, others yoga but keeping active and healthy is something we all need right now and another great way to stay connected.

  1. Pub Quiz in the Virtual Arms!

Everyone grab their favourite tipple and meet in the Virtual Arms. This is great fun, especially if you have a live webcam somewhere fabulous on your shared screen so you can get the ambiance just right. Take turns to host the quiz, you could even screen share the answers so no one can secretly cheat!

There you have it, some really fun ways to bring your team together and stay connected whilst we go through these uncertain times working at home. For all; having a team video conferencing link, with some screen or document sharing will really enhance the experience. Pod offers a totally secure solution for this, as well as many other features.

Luckily for the team at 24 Seven Cloud I am going to start booking some ‘meeting times’ out right now! If you like any of our ideas please share your pictures with us and let us know how it goes.

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