Declutter your applications, not just your house!

Easter has come around in a different vice this year, but as we’re all in lockdown there is no better reason than to do the annual Spring Clean! Are you hooked on Marie Kondo – whose goal is to help more people live a life that sparks joy, and is committed to offering the simplest, most effective tools and services to help you get there. Or are you more of a Hincher and you hinch yourself happy?

For those who can work from home at the moment, have you noticed your methods of connection have increased. Are you looking for more simple and effective tools, to get through this tough time? There are just so many ways to stay in touch with your colleagues and customers, but do you need to use them all?

How do we stay in touch


With so many ways of communicating, so many different apps to check, everything can get more disorganised and confusing. That is why you should declutter your apps!

Pod is a unified communications application, that brings all the features you need in ONE place…


Declutter your apps, you only need Pod!

It’s a phone

  • Handset
  • Desktop
  • Mobile

It’s a P.A

  • Call contacts from Outlook or your CRM
  • Re-direct calls when in meetings
  • Invite colleagues & clients to meetings

It’s a business solution

  • Teleconference
  • Video conference
  • Share documents, amend, collaborate
  • Instant Messaging – individual and workgroups
  • Integration with hundreds of CRM’s

It’s a 24 hour receptionist

  • Answer & direct calls more efficiently
  • Take messages
  • Give the correct information to callers
  • Answer out of hours calls

It’s a PR agency

  • Keep callers up to date with your latest news/offers/marketing campaigns

It’s your client’s friend

  • Keep your clients 100% happy by giving them an unbeatable service

It’s your friend

  • Simplify all your calls & messaging – Colleagues are connected and happy


Pod is

Pod is powered by Metaswitch, with 30 million users worldwide. It runs on 24 Seven Cloud’s Tier 2 network. All UK based, with 99.999% uptime. Its perfectly crafted for the changing ways we work today. If you would like more information or to book a demo please call 08000 247 365 or email