What is Pod?

Pod is a unified communication platform with a difference. All anyone wants is a better way to connect and do business, without worrying about security. Pod delivers exactly that. It is feature-rich, easy to use, and will grow with your business. Pod is powered by Metaswitch the world’s leading cloud communications software company. It is run on 24 Seven Cloud Communications Tier 2 carrier network. Both companies are UK based and offer exceptional customer support.

Pod security to connect better

Work Anywhere…

Pod is perfectly crafted for the changing ways we work today. It is a smart system that works around you and your business, allowing you the freedom to take your office anywhere. It links seamlessly between all devices from mobile, to landline, to PC so you are always connected. Pod has the functionality to effectively work for all business sizes. From a one-man-band, be tailored to complex setups, or to be a market-leading call centre solution.

The system has a powerful user experience. It allows easy connection and online networking via chat, call, text, or video meetings. During a call with one person you can easily switch to video, share screens, and invite others to join the conversation. All simply at the touch of a button, without putting the original call on hold.

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Pod Security V Zoom Security

With all this clever technology comes security concerns. The Pod Meeting product leverages some technology from Metaswitch’s partner Zoom. During the design process careful considerations were made about how to meet carrier-grade security and data privacy requirements. As a result of this many of the Zoom security issues reported to date do not affect Pod Meeting.

  • Pod Meeting is delivered from a dedicated private instance of Zoom’s software

  • It is separate from their mass-market service, with separate user database, control software and media resources

  • Tight integration with the Pod UC solution minimises the personally identifiable information that is provisioned into the private Pod Meeting. Furthermore, Zoom confirm that they do not share or sell any user data from Pod Meeting

  • Pod Meeting leverages only the in-meeting video functionality. It does not use the Zoom Chat or contact components from Zoom – which are among those security affected

  • 24 Seven Cloud controls the end-user client – which means that no third-party services are involved in user authentication and removes ancillary components from the install process. These foundations have made a significant difference against ‘zoom-bombing’

The security of a product, however is only as good as the ongoing effort applied to continually improve, and the speed of response to address issues that do emerge. To that end,

  • Metaswitch and 24 Seven Cloud regularly test and integrate software releases from Zoom as they continue to improve the product. In addition to completing their own security testing on the Pod UC clients

  • Metaswitch work on a daily basis with Zoom to understand the implications of any issues identified in their mass-market product and will communicate and resolve any that affect the private Pod Meeting instance

With the new ways we are all learning to work, and clever technologies allowing us to seamlessly do so, there will always be some risk. Protecting all users and their customer’s data and security is at the forefront of all Pod’s features. Therefore allowing them to network and connect online safely, easily, and effectively.

Connect your world better with Pod.